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LS3 continues to grow and evolve as one of the best small businesses in America! September 2011 – LS3 wins BPA work in support of the VA HSPD-12 PMO with Morgan Franklin. LS3 is fortunate and proud to have won the opportunity to further serve the Veterans Affairs as a key member of the HSPD-12 Program Office. We look forward to offering complementary leadership, technical expertise, and management capabilities to the VA and with our partner Morgan Franklin. Our best in class consulting services will remain dedicated and focused on achieving further results with HSPD-12, and engaging on the convergence strategies required as a function of FICAM, OMB M-11-11, and emerging FIPS requirements from NIST. September 2011 – Renewal of the FEMA RiskWiki contract. As a value add partner of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, LS3 is pleased to continue to serve as the services host of FEMA preparedness and readiness solution that serve the business interest. Our additional year of services will continue to support FEMA’s success. September 2011 – Renewal of our DISA Financial Services contract at DISA CFE4. LS3 is excited to support our DOD customer with best in class Financial and Cost Analysis services for another year. Our certified Cost Analyst personnel will continue to achieve results and success with our DISA customer, offering efficiencies and value every step of the way. July 2011 – STARS II GWAC award with GSA. LS3 has been awarded a Prime Contract by the General Services Administration (GSA) under the STARS II (Streamlined Technology Acquisition Resources for Services) GWAC. STARS II GWAC is a dynamic Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ) contract vehicle, engineered to provide cutting-edge technology solutions from award-winning 8(a) Small Businesses to federal agencies. STARS II has a five-year base period and one five-year option, a $10 billion ceiling and allows for directed task order of up to $4 million. For more details, please visit: LS3 STARS II Contract or contact. July 2011 – New contract with SBA for HSPD-12. LS3 continues to serve is longest served federal customer with another award at SBA to support HSPD-12 initiatives. Our top notch consultants and managers continue to offer value, success, results, and useful products to our SBA customer. We are pleased and honored to continue to serve our SBA customer for another year of services, and will continue to seek out opportunities to evolve and grow the value of the PIV Credential in support of this customer. May 2011 – Dept. of Treasury Bureau of Public Debt for IAM Integration Services. As a testament to LS3’s expertise and capabilities in support of Federal Identity Credentialing and Access Management (FICAM) needs and their intersection with HSPD-12 solutions, LS3 has been afforded the opportunity to augment BPD for the development of efficient data management and metadata management solutions. Specifically, LS3 is providing BPD with Identity and Access Management (IAM) expert product knowledge support for the development of data management services between the GSA USAccess HSPD-12 solution (a.k.a. the GSA Managed Service Offering (MSO) and the U.S. Department of the Treasury bureaus and agencies. We are honored to have this opportunity to serve BPD, and are certain that our best in class support capabilities will bring continued value to this newest customer. October 2010 – $20M win at DOL for Enterprise IAM and FICAM Solution Establishment. LS3 has long provided and support Subject Matter Expert services with a specific focus on Identity and Access Management. Our success in being selected in a competitive field of bidders to serve the U.S. Department of Labor emphasizes LS3’s capability and prowess in the market space of HSPD-12 and FICAM, and demonstrates our unique ability to provide real and tangible solutions to our customers. Under this more than $20M contract award, LS3 will be constructing the first instance of a FICAM focused enterprise technical solution that converges the value of the PIV Credential with the best in class services of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) IAM Product Suites to directly address the published FICAM use cases and business requirements published by the Federal CIO Council. We fully recognize that many of our competitors have demonstrable experience in talking about HSPD-12 and FICAM, and even more still have delivered libraries of papers on the subject, however at LS3 we have actively been constructing these solutions for more than a decade! Our hands on capability with demonstrable past performance in delivering technical solutions sets us apart from our competitors, and this was a major reason for our selection over a broad field of bidders for this strategic and challenging opportunity. LS3 is honored to have received this opportunity and will be providing the first instance of the Federal FICAM solution for the DOL, which will serve as a case study and example to follow for all other Federal Agencies. LS3 Technologies has been rated as one of America's top 5% companies! LS3 was recently assessed through an independent and anonymous survey of all of its customers, past and present, and was rated in the top 5% of all companies. See the press release here! LS3 Technologies receives GSA IT Schedule 70! LS3 Technologies was awarded a GSA IT Schedule 70 in December 2008, with services now being made available through SIN 132-51 and SIN 132-62 (HSPD-12 Services and Integration).

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LS3 Technologies awarded GSA Certification for HSPD-12 Services and Integration! LS3 has been awarded the coveted integrator seal of approval through the GSA Test Labs, validating our ability as HSPD-12 Subject Matter Experts. Our certification letter can be seen here.

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September 2009 - LS3 wins leadership contract with the Federal Emergency Response Agency (FEMA)! LS3 was selected by FEMA to serve as the sole source provider for the Federal and Emergency Response Official (F/ERO) Attribute Management and Validation System solution. Under this award, LS3 will provide DHS/FEMA with a robust, scalable, and industry leading solution to integrate First Responder information to support emergency response, disaster response, and critical infrastructure protection services. September 2009 - LS3 wins OPIC HSPD-12 Program Management Office Contract! LS3 was selected by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) to aid in solutions development, policy development, operational integration, and roadmap planning associated with PIV Credentials received from the General Services Administration (GSA) Managed Service Offering (MSO) solution, GSAccess. Our team was selected to review the operational and technical aspects associated with these subscription services, to allow OPIC to receive tangible and measurable benefit from the investment in the PIV Credential. September 2009 - LS3 wins Federal Aviation Administration eFAST BPA! LS3 has been selected to serve as a premier provider of technical and business services to the FAA with this release of the eFAST BPA award. This BPA award provides federal ordering activities with pre-established labor positions and rates to expeditiously engage LS3's cutting edge and best of breed services to meet mission objectives. We are honored to be a partner to the FAA under this contract and look forward to meeting the need of this newest customer with distinction. May 2009 - LS3 wins $10+ Million Award from Veterans Affairs! This $10+ Million award leverages LS3 Technologies' proud partnership and success with the VA to construct an Enterprise Identity and Access Management capability for the Federal Government's second largest agency, second only to DOD. We are proud to receive this multi-year award from the VA to aid in the architectural development, design, implementation, deployment, and operational support of the VA Enterprise IAM System. February 2009 - LS3 has been given the honor of serving DISA! LS3 Technologies is the proud recipient of a multi-year contract award to support DISA. Our professional management team was selected to aid and support the management of the DISA NECC JPMO. We look forward to serving with distinction, helping this critical mission succeed. October 2008 - LS3 Receives Coveted HSPD-12 Service and Integrator Stamp of Approval! LS3 Technologies has been awarded a full certification as a GSA Approved Integrator. As an 8(a) small business, we have the distinction of being only one of a few HSPD-12 certified service providers in our business class, and the ONLY minority woman owned and 8(a) provider in the State of Maryland. August 2008 - LS3 Succeeds with Largest Independent HSPD-12 Program in the Federal Government! LS3 Technologies has succeeded with the Design, Development, Integration, Deployment, and Operational support of the Department of Veteran Affairs VA PIV System, HSPD-12 solution. Our efforts have established a full range of new technology capabilities for VA, with PIV cards that provide single sign on services, Identity and Access Management capability, and more! Our solution integrates with Logical Access Control Systems (LACS) and Physical Access Control Systems (PACS) from the point of PIV Card issuance, avoiding the complexities associated with augmenting VA's PIV Cards with this capability at future stages of implementation. We are proud of our accomplishment at the VA, and look forward to help them and other Agencies succeed with these critical business and technology services. March 2008 - U.S. Small Business Administration awards LS3 HSPD-12 Program Office Contract! The U.S. Small Business Administration selected LS3 as its partner for managing Agency efforts in the area of Logical and Physical Access Control integration, Logical systems integration, program management, and oversight for the development and rollout of the SBA HSPD-12 solution. We are honored to receive this opportunity and are currently serving the Administration with distinction. October 2007 - VA Awards LS3 Technologies Roadmap Strategy contract! LS3 Technologies is honored to receive an award to aid the VA in the development of a strategic roadmap for integrating business and technical services for Identity and Access Management, Web Services, and Data Management. This challenging engagement takes great strides in aiding VA in the areas of cost reduction, common service establishment, and the development of a broader IAM strategy that will better target information technology services both within and external to the VA! November 2007 - VA Awards LS3 Enterprise Web Portal Contract! The Department of Veteran Affairs has entrusted LS3 as its partner to design, develop, integrate, and test the OneVA Web Portal solution. This prototype is intent on providing integrated information services to America's Veterans, a population that exceeds 26 million users.